Work Packages

Work Packages
Work package Leader: NTUA

1. Establish and maintain effective communication between partners.
2. Particularly connect the participating companies and organizations.
3. Coordinate partners so that all project goals are met on time and on budget.
4. Perform all day-to-day contractual, administrative, financial and reporting tasks.
5. Monitor and report project progress against goals and time scales.
6. Ensure the role of contact point towards the European Commission and external stakeholders.
7. Monitor Project progress and achievements as well as risks and contingencies.
8. Maintain Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement.
9. Form and manage the advisory board of experts.

Work package Leader: EUT

1. Establish the framework for the setting up (legal, operational and financial) and start running the Joint Venture. Establish an NPO aiming to the management of the ecosystem, as well as contact points in all pilot lines, facilitating communication and allowing data sharing among them.
2. Define the pricing policy for accessing the ecosystem.
3. Design and implement a solid plan and tools for the collection, storage, exploitation and evaluation of data related to building envelope materials and technical systems.
4. Establish and test the Open Innovation Environment (OIE).
5. Build a business model that prove sustainability of the iclimabuilt testbed.

Work package Leader: INEGI

1. Provide high quality/lower cost materials at pilot scale ready to be implemented and tested in building envelope components.
2. Develop, upgrade and improve existing pilot lines to promote wide materials acceptance.
3. Identify critical materials and process parameters and implement in-line monitoring.
4. Demonstrate the capacity to contribute to the “iclimabuilt” ecosystem in experimental facilities.
5. Test cases conception through validation of materials manufacturability.

Work package Leader: GRANTA

1. Identify and list materials types and specifications for the OITB, identify materials requirements, data collection and data importers development, Digitize materials characterization protocols and establish workflows, system requirements and information workflow for the database.
2. Support by means of ICME approaches the full understanding of specific process – structure – properties –
performance relationships relevant to selected material systems being produced on the Pilot Lines, also complementing
testing programs.
3. Assist by means of multi-physics simulation the definition of the Test Cases, from the materials, processes and
envelope components design.
4. Define building archetypes and implement in BIM based virtual models of reference standard and the innovative
envelope solutions for primary energy performance and occupant comfort analysis.
5. Integrate in a multi-physics simulation workflow of the building envelopes incorporating co-simulation and control
strategies for innovative envelope systems.

Work package Leader: POLITO

1. Provide support for the characterization of materials and performance testing of building envelope components.
2. Validate the behaviour of the building envelope elements (through the test cases) under actual operating conditions
in full-scale outdoor lab tests.
3. Provide guidelines and methods for testing materials, building envelope components and systems, with particular
focus on performance in operating conditions, long-term performances and useful service life assessment.
4. Optimise, compare and validate characterisation procedures (in order to reduce time and cost, especially for long term
performance characterization) throughout the developed test cases in the iclimabuilt consortium.
5. Demonstrate the capability of the consortium to provide services for material level characterization (TRL 4-5) and
the building component level performance characterisation (TRL 5-6) to support development of smart materials and solutions within the building envelope industry.

Work package Leader: NTNU

1. Document and assess existing monitoring approaches, methodologies and tools for living laboratories across Europe
2. Develop robust long-term monitoring approaches, methodologies and tools to evaluate new and improved highperformance building envelope materials and integrated systems in living laboratories,

  • based on full-scale testing of building envelope materials and components, also providing input to company
    feedback protocols/procedures
  • based on occupant/user feedback

3. Evaluate and demonstrate the integrated test cases from WP3 to verify their performance in the iclimabuilt living laboratories, and at the same time evaluate and demonstrate the monitoring procedures
4. Analyze the sustainability of materials and test cases (from WP3), provide feedback to material/system developers, and establish clear reporting format and tools
5. Provide feedback to the iclimabuilt ecosystem on full-scale testing, user involvement and sustainability evaluation

Work package Leader: NTUA

1. Launch an open call via a web-based platform as a means of its validation.
2. Utilize the appropriate tools to disseminate the action and gain increased interest from SMEs.
3. Select new cases and define the workflows to be followed for the timely delivery of services and products.
4. Validate and demonstrate the concept of Open Access for the ecosystem fine tuning.
5. Encourage further collaboration after the end of EU financial support.

Work package Leader: STRATAGEM

1. Ascertain the adherence of project results to national, EU and main market standards and regulations.
2. Contribute to the emerging standards especially regarding materials for building envelops in the Building & Construction industry.
3. Assure interoperability with existing standards regarding materials for building envelops.
4. Be aware of legislatorial barriers and opportunities with evaluating national and European regulatory systems.
5. Assess the socio-economic impact of the generated knowledge and technology.
6. Broadcast the technology’s potential applications into the wider community.
7. Demonstrate the role which innovation ecosystems have in driving economic development and to create a close working relationship with existing ecosystems nanosafety, characterization, modelling initiatives.

Work package Leader: STRATAGEM

1. Raise awareness of the benefits of the project for society through highlighting the effects of devoting resources to research coping with climate change.
2. Communicate the project outcomes to stakeholders, major commercial players, the renewable energy community across Europe, and the wider international arena.
3. Consolidate and build stronger networks associated with construction industry and energy stakeholders.
4. Promote the project among the relevant stakeholders and inform relevant parties of the progress during its implementation.
5. Ensure that all the data generated in the project are findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR)

Exploitation objectives:

1. Transfer partners knowledge into viable market products.
2. Elaborate business cases and plans for bringing iclimabuilt products to the market.
3. Support in the creation of a regulatory/standardization framework to foster the construction and energy affiliation.
4. Attract anybody who is interested to test its concepts of advanced products in the construction sector giving priority to energy savings.

Work package Leader: NTUA

1. Ensure compliance with the ‘ethics requirements’ set out in this work package.