iclimabuilt ecosystem

iclimabuilt ecosystem will provide easy open access thought its SEP to industrial partners, including SMEs, to Pilot Lines related to materials development, manufacturing, and system integration as well as to advanced characterization techniques, modelling & simulation software, environmental assessment and consultancy on standardization and regulatory aspects (including nanosafety) for upscaling concepts related to materials for building envelopes.
iclimabuilt goes beyond the material level to support the energy transition of building stock in Europe. The ecosystem aims to develop a holistic approach considering the building as a system maximising energy saving opportunities while covering the remaining energy demand by smart and energy harvesting systems to the largest possible extent.

At least 20% increase in the number of new SME users for existing test beds

SMEs face a number of challenges such as increasing digitalisation, rising energy prices and competition from non-European, low labour cost countries, which require sensible investment and innovation strategies. iclimabuilt ecosystem will cover this need offering an open access innovation environment, in which SMEs will be able to proceed in technological innovation in a fast and low-cost way. This decreased cost of innovation, compared to other existing alternatives (e.g. in-house research, customer-seller collaboration with individual RTOs) lays on the synergies that are developed inside the ecosystem, knowledge and good practice experience, as well as higher chances of commercialization and adoption of new products by the market due to the presence of important players from relevant field. These advantages make iclimabuilt ecosystem extremely attractive for SMEs that are ready to innovate with the goal being an increase in the number of new SME users for existing test beds.

At least 20% improved industrial process parameters

Digitalisation, AI and Data analytics are major assets to drive the industrialisation process, from material conception to manufacturing, from building and infrastructure design to investment making. Machine learning has in fact already demonstrated to be able to increase production capacity by 20%, while lowering material consumption rates by 4% and downtime by 20%. iclimabuilt will integrate these technologies to facilitate the innovation process through a more resource efficient, flexible in design and manufacturing, and productive value chain. Through machine learning approaches, data-driven approaches allow to aggregate and analyze historical data (or real-time data streaming) to provide faster informed decisions. The methodology will allow to find complex and non-linear patterns in data, aggregate and analyze them towards optimized processes for minimal cost, best quality, performance, and energy consumption. For example, machine learning can analyze vast amount of data from sensors, learn the model to understand complex relations of various parameters and increase insights of the process itself and then provide advice to operators according to a multi-dimensional process optimization. This will have a substantial impact on pilot line owners and potential clients since they will identify new potentials for improved production and improved industrial process parameters.

At least 30% faster verification of materials and system performance

The verification of materials and system performance will be 30% faster in iclimabuilt due to the combination of the real time monitoring and measurement system combined with the modelling and simulation. A centralized materials information management system that enables the standardised capture, consolidation and harmonization of materials information, metadata and knowledge, which would otherwise be dispersed amongst the partners, is therefore a key objective of this project. A unique data management system -iclimabuilt data management system (iDMS) will provide full traceability across the entire value chain of materials, capturing agreed metadata as generated by validated protocols and allowing accessibility to reference material information and citable protocols for characterization, modelling and processing. The ultimate goal is to ensure full traceability and data quality by following accepted standard protocols for characterisation.

At least 30% faster verification of materials performance

Through its best in-class simulation tools and processes, iclimabuilt will offer 30% faster verification of materials performance for highly promising applications according to the multi-objective optimization of each solution for each building archetype set, while the primary energy savings, GHG emissions and technology footprint will be monitored, considering also reduction of costs and limiting the payback time which is one of the most prominent barriers of energy retrofitting in Europe. Through its systematic approach and services, iclimabuilt is aimed to contribute to a cost-effective transformation of existing stock into nearly zero-energy buildings and will also positively impact the well-being of European citizens, tackle the energy efficiency goals, create new jobs and economic growth to SMEs and Europe.